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Adult Choir

Music is the art to combine sounds with a pleasing manner to the ear. From all times, music is regarded as an expression of charm. God loves music. David knew that sensible point of God, worshiped him with the strings, lyre, harp, tambourine, and dancing. Choirs also sing the glory of God.

A choir is a group of people interpreting with unison or with different voices, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass, musical works. In that perspective, Eben-Ezer Haitian Baptist church of Westbury is given by the Lord the privilege to have a choir, under the direction of Maestro Missage Toussaint, to sing his glory and to spread the gospel of grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The choir of Eben-Ezer Haitian Baptist Church of Westbury is made up of about forty members, with a rich repertory of at least sixty musical works. Like any institution, there is from time to time members leaving and coming. Therefore, the choir encounters many new members, but thanks to God and to the toughness of the Maestro Toussaint working for eighteen years, the style and the form of the choir were not changed. The choir interprets at least two songs every first sunday during the worship service and on special occasions. It always responds at the invitations of the sister and friend churches of the Haitian Community.

The choir of Eben-Ezer Church is a source of blessings, consolations, and healings for the afflicted hearts. Bravissimo to the choir of Eben-Ezer of Westbury! Congratulations to Maestro Toussaint for his excellent work and for his free dedication of his talent to Eben-Ezer Haitian Baptist Church of Westbury!