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Women's Ministry

Building the Women

The Women Ministry is a very important ministry at Eben-Ezer Haitian Baptist Church of Westbury. It brings satisfaction and life in the church. The women of the church are very devoted. They are the first to be there at various meetings. They participate in great number at the prayer, fasting, and Bible study meetings. They are always ready to serve in many religious and social activities of the church.

The Women Ministry at Eben-Ezer Haitian Baptist Church is divided in two groups: The Missionary Ladies and the Witnesses for Christ.

The Missionary Ladies are fond of singing the praises of the Lord. Their Choir always edifies the assembly by its well selected and spiritual songs. The Witnesses for Christ organize house meetings. They visit the sick, pray with them and help with what they have the brothers and sisters in economical difficulty. The group is the eye of the church. It often looks for knowing the causes of the absence of a member at the Sunday morning service to inform the pastor or a member of the church committee.

We congratulate the Women Ministry for its zeal and enthusiasm in the Lord’s service. We invite all the ladies of the church to take part in the activities of the Missionary Ladies and the Witnesses for Christ. To encourage the ladies enlisted in that ministry to work more, we honor them several times in the great assembly by presenting certificates to the most active and faithful members.

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